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Our management has been shipping wholesale items for over 25 years. Our guiding beliefs: Alternatives and renewable power are the wave of the future. Let's leave as clean a 'footprint' as we can, for next generations. Nuclear, and fossil fuels are on the way out. We get our products direct from the manufacturer, and add only a small mark-up. Details for DC (solar powered) WATER PUMPS


200 watt solar panel
24 Volt DC
5 to 6 amps at full sun

Durable aluminum frame and backing,
will not bend or break in high wind, if well mounted. Tempered glass face.
Mono-crystalline silicon solar cells
High Efficiency. Heat tolerant. Long life.
Dimensions: 158 cm x 80.8 cm x 3.5cm / Weight 20kg

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Solar Pumps
DC pumps

- many sizes available -


Get your water system freed from the AC electric grid, and pump water for free in three to five years!        

A low-priced solar pump array from us will pay for itself in three to five years. After that, you're not paying ever-increasing AC electricity rates for your water system. From the time you get your Solar DC powered  system up and running, you're off the corporate AC grid - at least for your water system.

For the average well-off house in Thailand, with its own water system, at least half its AC electric costs probably go to pumping water. Electricity rates will keep ratcheting up, but the rays of the sun will stay free.

DC pumps of various types, are available through us at Solar Solutions. Just three of dozens of types are shown at left.  Tell us your water system situation, and we'll suggest which pump will suit your water supply needs.  These high quality pumps range from $583 to $850, with no shipping charges to a Thai address.  We get pumps and panels from manufacturers in China, and only tack on a modest mark-up for our services.  That translates to lowest prices for Southeast Asia.  Most DC pumps we offer are submersible types (tubular) with 3" or 4" diameter stainless steel casing.  The exceptions are swimming pool pumps (one shown in black, at left) and 6" diameter pumps for heavy jobs. 

DC pumps generally pump to a higher 'head' (height) than AC pumps of comparable power usage.  In other words, you get more efficient power usage with DC than with AC. 

Details for DC (solar powered) water pumps including prices
                             Overstock sale   
 We've got several panels in stock at our storeroom in Chiang Rai, which are priced for quick sale. They're 120 watts, 17 volts poly. Great for charging and powering a 12 volt system.  Dimensions: 164cm x 72cm x 12cm.  

$216 or Bt.6480 each

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